Welcome to the Internet presentation of the Kyokushinjutsu Association of Serbia, representing the Ju Jutsu martial art of the Kyokushinjutsu style. On this site you can find basic information about this martial art, its history and its leading masters. The best way to find more detailed information is to seek us out at the training facilities of one of our clubs.

This new self-defense method was developed on the basis of selected elements of traditional Far Eastern martial systems, whose efficacy has been continually proven and confirmed in practical conditions. It originated in Serbia in 1997, as the fruit of the thirty-year experience of Grandmaster – Soke Dragan M. Filipović.

In accordance with the principle “FROM PRACTICE FOR PRACTICE,” Kyokushinjutsu represents a combination of holds taken from the following martial styles:

  • KODOKAN JUDO and JU JUTSU – throwing techniques
  • AIKI JU JUTSU – lever and control techniques
  • SHAOLIN CHIN NA – methodological approach and tactics
  • KYOKUSHINKAI KARATE – striking techniques and the TAMESHIWARI method of perfecting the devastating capacity of blows
  • SHAOLIN WU SHU – the self-defensive use of ancient Far Eastern weapons (optional program for older masters)
  • The methodology of training is conceived so as to systematically introduce students to the world of martial arts, allowing them to gradually, in parallel, develop their mental-philosophical and ethical aspects. The imperative of the Kyokushinjutsu style is the creation of fighters of a resolute warrior spirit, stable personality, and high human and moral qualities.

    With the goal of expressing the ideational essence of the concept of self-defense, the method was named KYOKUSHINJUTSU, in honor of the famed Japanese master MASUTATSU OYAMA, under whom the creator of this method, D.M. Filipović, earned master status. KYOKU denotes the concept of the eternal – ever-present; SHIN denotes the concept of reality – absolute truth; JUTSU denotes skill with an accent on practical self-defense usefulness. Thus, KYOKUSHINJUTSU can be descriptively defined as a: “MARTIAL ART FOR SELF-DEFENSE DESIGNED FOR ADEQUATE REACTION IN EVER-PRESENT, POTENTIALLY DANGEROUS, REAL SITUATIONS.”