Kyokushinjutsu style, new direction in self-defense martial arts, came from self-defense program that was practiced in Belgrade’s Kyokushinkai Karate clubs in the 1980s. In the early 1990s, following the outbreak of civil war in Yugoslavia, according to this program, training of special forces of Krajina Police and State Security of Republika Srpska was carried out, and from 1994, Kyokushinjutsu was introduced as a apart of compulsory training of Special Operations Unit of the State Security Service of the Republic of Serbia.

The first public presentation of the Kyokushinjutsu program was held in Belgrade in 1995, in the “World Center for Real Aikido”, and since 1997, founding of self-defense clubs for civilians began.

As a new martial art style, Kyokushinjutsu was officially recognized at the “Congress of Euro-Azian Martial Artists” held in Russia in 1998. The next great recognition followed in 2004, when Chinese “Tagou Institute for the Study of Traditional Chinese Martial Arts”, at the Buddhist monastery Shaolin, accepted this style as the “Serbian Shaolin way”, called Ju Djen Shu (as otherwise the three characters Kyoku-shin-jutsu say in Chinese). The final recognition was followed in 2007, when the style was recognized by the martial arts branch of organisation  “European Hall of Fame”. In 2011, association “Kyokushinjutsu of Serbia” was registered , which unifies and coordinates clubs of Kyokushinjutsu style to date.