Dokai VOJISLAV CVETKOVIĆ, Ju Jutsu Master – III Dan, second generation Kyokushinjutsu Style Master, Master with Shaolin Experience.

Vojislav Cvetkovic

Vojislav belongs to the middle generation of this style masters. He was born on 05.11.1983. in Belgrade. He started practicing martial arts in 2003 at Kyokushinjutsu Art Club. In the regular procedure he passed for all lower and higher apprentice titles, becoming a master of Kyokushinjutsu in 2009. (Annex no. 1)

Annex no. 1

Since gaining his mastery, he has shown commitment to coaching. He gained 2nd Dan Ju Jutsu in 2012. At the same time, at the request of sensei Blagojević, he joined the Kyokushinjutsu martial arts team and successfully performed in several international competitions of the Ashihara Karate Association. In 2016, he acquired III Dan in the regular procedure for the Ju Jutsu-style Kyokushinjutsu. Part of his exam is presented as an example of the standard for the basic forms of Jo-Dori (Annex no. 2 i 3).

Annex no. 2 – Jo-Dori Forms Basic Techniques

Annex no. 3 – Hand Tameshiwari Kata for III Dan

In 2017 and 2018, he became involved in organizing and conducting training at the new Kyokushinjutsu  Club Ronin. It was base elemnt to promote him to instructor and to become the first master of the second generation Kyokushinjustu style with the status – Sensei.

During October 2018, Cvetković was in China to study at the leading Shaolin Tagou Institute for Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. Here, under the guidance of Shaolin instructors, he attended specialist training for “Sanda” combat according to the rules of full contact. (Annex no. 4).

Annex no. 4 – Sanda Training in Shaolin

Besides the martial arts, Cvetković is a final year student at the Faculty of Technology and Metallurgy in Belgrade. He has sons, Vasilije and Jovan.