Dokai MILOŠ STOJANOVIĆ, III degree Master of Ju Jutsu, Master of Judo, Master with Shaolin experience, member of the first generation of Kyokushinjutsu style.

MilossStojanovic was born on December 30, 1983, in Split. Secondary and Academic education he finished in Belgrade. He began practicing Martial arts in 1998, in Belgrade Judo Club “Bezbednost”. He joined Kyokushinjutsu style in 2000, and since then simultaneously study Judo and Ju jutsu. In regular procedure, he passed for all lower and higher apprentice titles, becoming a Master of Kyokushinjutsu in 2006. (Annex no. 1).  Two years later he become Master of Judo as well.


Annex no. 1 – Milos Stojanovic – defense from unarmed attacker

He gained II degree Ju Jutsu mastery of Kyokushinjutsu style in 2011. Beside practical perfecting, he is involved  in theoretical studies on the subjects of Martial Arts (Annex no. 2 – Principi džudoa kao metod obrazovanja). In 2015, in regular procedure, he passed test for III degree Ju Jutsu Master of Kyokushinjutsu style (Annex no. 3 and Annex no. 4).


Annex no. 3 – Milos Stojanovis – defense from attacker armed with long staff

Annex no. 4 – Milos Stojanovic, Tameshivari geri kata

During October, 2018, Stojanovic was part of fight team which was in China to study at the leading Tagou Institute for Traditional Chinese Martial Arts (Annex no. 5). Here, under the guidance of Shaolin instructors, he attended specialist training for “Sanda” combat according to the rules of full contact. (Annex no. 6).
Milos u Shaolinu

Annex no. 5 – Milos Stojanovic during his stay in Tagou Institute in Shaolin

Annex no. 6 – Milos Stojanovic – part of training during stay in Tagou Institute in Shaolin

Outside the martial arts sphere, Milos Stojanovic is Master of Organizational Sciences, employed on Executive Director position of  company Beatronic Supply doo, specialized in international trade of weapon systems and military equipment.