Sensei GORAN TANACKOVIĆ, Ju Jutsu Master – instructor III Dan, Second Generation Kyokushinjutsu Style Master, Master with Shaolin Experience, Assistant Coach of “Kyokushinjutsu Club Art”.

Goran Tanackovic

Goran belongs to the middle generation of this style masters. He was born on 09.10.1986. in Valjevo. He started practicing martial arts in 2008 at Kyokushinjutsu Art Club. In the regular procedure he passed for all lower and higher apprentice titles, becoming a master of Kyokushinjutsu in 2013. Since gaining his mastery he has shown commitment to coaching and very fast he became an instructor, in meanwhile due to his job commitment he gave up couching. During the year 2016th in the regular procedure he gained 2nd Dan level in Ju Jutsu budo style Kyoushinjutsu. (Annex no. 1) 

Annex no.. 1

During October 2018, Tanacković was in China to study at the leading Shaolin Tagou Institute for Traditional Chinese Martial Arts. There, under the guidance of Shaolin instructors, he attended specialist training for “Sanda” combat according to the rules of full contact. (Annex no.2).

Annex no. 2

In technical seminar Jo Dori – Bo Dori on October 2018, Tanacković passed technical part of the master exam for 3rd Dan. In master seminar which was held on July 2019th in China, island Chong Ming, he performed successfully tameshiwari tests and combat program for that level and gained 3rd Dan level of Kyokushinjutsu. In scope of combat part of exam for experimental reason, instead of defending from attacker with Bo staff, he was fighting against attacker with bar chair. (Annex no. 3 – Annex no. 4 – Annex no. 5).

Annex no. 3

Annex no. 4

Annex no. 5 – Tameshiwari kata per program for III Dan level

During season 2020, Tanacković reactivated his status of instructor and become first instructor assistant in the Club “Art”.

Besides the martial arts, Goran Tanacković is medical doctor, employed in Belgrade international company as a specialist and consultant for sophisticated medical equipment and clinical processes. He is married and has two daughters Lenka and Tara.